September 8th, 2011

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Poem for Thursday and Mediaeval Baebes

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It has been raining for more than two days straight (sorry Texans, I understand you have no sympathy and believe me we'd love to send you some of ours). We are far enough from the river that we don't have the kind of flooding that parts of DC are experiencing, but it seems that every cave cricket in the greater Washington area has moved into our laundry room to keep try -- I have tried announcing "Ceci n'est pas une grotte" but the cave crickets are unimpressed, and unfortunately the cats have decided that they'd rather chase toy mice than bugs. Plus they hate thunder and we have a loud thunderstorm for nearly two hours this morning, causing them to fight over who got to hide under Adam's bed.

Adam had a far more hectic day than I did; he went from school to cross country practice to a meeting at the Hebrew school where he has a paying job as an assistant this fall to his other job walking dogs before starting on his homework, of which he had a sufficient amount to prevent him from watching The Maiden Heist which dementordelta had suggested that we watch while it was on Starz On Demand. I love Christopher Walken as a bumbling idiot and William H. Macy as a loony perv, and though the women's roles range from thankless to nonexistent, Morgan Freeman is quite entertaining as well. My afternoon involved computer backups and laundry and a lot of restoring my address book after syncing with rebooted phone created duplicate entries. Here are some photos of Mediaeval Baebes at the Maryland Renfaire:

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