September 11th, 2011

get critical

Poem for 9/11 and Boonesborough Days

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Adam had cross country practice early Saturday morning, then we drove out to Frederick County to the Boonesborough Days festival in Boonsboro, Maryland -- a craft fair with local food, antiques, and a town-wide yard sale in a big public park with a stream and playground equipment. I always enjoy looking at the jewelry, homemade Barbie clothes, hand-dipped candles, wood crafts, and paintings of local scenery, plus a local raptor rehabilitation group comes with several of their owls and hawks. The town itself is very scenic as well and it was a gorgeous day to be out walking.

Since we were up in the area, we went to the South Mountain Creamery to get buttermilk and cheese. Of course, we never visit the creamery without also going to see the animals -- many cows, free-range chickens, rabbits, piglets, plus a couple of goats this time in the calf barn (who appeared to believe that they too were cows). We had ice cream and played with the barn cats, then came home with our Marco's Not Yet Famous salsas to have with bean and cheese enchiladas.

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Evening TV was Doctor Who. The Torchwood finale had put me in the mood to watch the Face of Boe episodes with the Tenth Doctor, and even though I made the horrifying discovery that there is something wrong with our (professional non-bootleg) disc containing "The Christmas Invasion" and "New Earth" appears to have been glued together incorrectly, there's some weird stain within the plastic coating and it won't play properly, I utterly enjoyed them...particularly Gridlock which is written and acted so well and actually earns its big emotional moments.

I won't even bother to rant about "The Girl Who Waited" -- the title really says it all, Amy will always be "the girl" because it's obvious these writers both dislike and fear grown women. Whatever enormous emotional life-altering things happen to Amy and Rory, they're all forgotten in later episodes except as self-referential jokes. There's no character growth or development, so if the writers want adorable bubbly Amy and adorable rock-steady Rory back next week, that's what we'll get, even if it's painful to watch.