September 13th, 2011

get critical

Poem for Tuesday and Moon Festival

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I had a very nice Monday -- I had to make a bunch of shopping stops, but they were in the shopping center that has a Halloween Boutique and a store that sells British imports as well as an AC Moore and a World Market, so I got to peek at costumes and teapots as well as split rings and mustard (I stayed out of Toys R Us, as I may be weak and buy the Angelica Pirates of the Caribbean Barbie if I see her). I spent far more time browsing than necessary, then when I got home I ended up spending hours reorganizing my beads and findings even though I never make jewelry anymore now that gblvr is too busy to come play with me.

Otherwise, it was an uneventful day in which most of the excitement came from cats trying to put their paws in my beads. Adam is so disgusted with his English class that I am tempted to write a long ranting letter to the county about how their curriculum is turning promising young writers into apathetic students. Despite my being unable to see anyone but Kate Mulgrew when Kate Mulgrew plays a character after five years of running her fan club, I am distinctly irked that Kate's role on Warehouse 13 has been sidelined by a younger actress playing a younger version of her character -- what is this, Everyone Prefers Younger Women In Sci-Fi Week?

But I am happy because we had homemade kung pao chicken in honor of the Chinese moon festival, plus mini ice cream sundaes with chocolate chips since Paul was making chocolate chip cookies for son to bring to a cross country pot luck dinner on Tuesday. And the Patriots-Dolphins game was enjoyable, and I did not watch a single moment of the Republican debate. Since I didn't get to go to a proper celebration (and we were once again too late to get moon cakes from the Asian grocery), here is my Superpoke penguin in a moon garden -- his last moon festival since Google is shutting down the game in March.