September 18th, 2011


Poem for Sunday and Maryland Zoo

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Though we had sun and temperatures in the low 70s forecast for Saturday, the morning was actually drizzly and quite cool. I chatted online a bit with Daniel and discovered that he had a cold. We had told Adam that we would take him to the Maryland Zoo, and I had asked emynn to come meet me there, so despite the rain we headed to Baltimore after lunch. It stopped raining as we drove past the Inner Harbor and that was pretty much it for the day, which was very fortunate! The zoo was not at all crowded and we walked through all the major areas -- the arctic, Africa, the Maryland wilderness, and the farm, plus the wooded trail to and from the entrance since it was too nice an afternoon to bother with the tram. The swinging bridge was knocked down during Hurricane Irene, but we got to see penguins trying to catch a beetle, prairie dogs climbing their fence to eat the plants beyond it, a cheetah pacing in a small cage while his enclosure was being mowed, and a duck flirting with zoo visitors. Here are a few of the animals:

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Daniel had texted that he was out of soup and not feeling well, so since we had to pass by College Park on our way home anyway, we stopped at a grocery store, grabbed a couple of things for him, and swung by his dorm to drop them off. He was in a good mood despite his cold when we saw him and we had thought this would be a quick, simple operation, but two hours after the Terps had (unfortunately but unsurprisingly) lost 37-31 to West Virginia, there was still a great deal of traffic on Maryland's campus and all around the Beltway. We ended up taking University Boulevard most of the way home, which was slow but not as bad as 495. Evening entertainment was Doctor Who, which I did not find very entertaining -- The Sarah Jane Adventures did a similarly-themed story without the air of self-congratulation -- and a variety of college football games, none of which I cared about passionately!