September 19th, 2011


Poem for Monday and Mount Vernon Colonial Fair

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Sunday was a gorgeous, overcast day that felt more like fall than summer, so when Adam was finished working at Hebrew school, we picked him up and went to the Mount Vernon Colonial Market & Fair, where we met dementordelta and ngech plus another friend. We brought a picnic but ate it in the outdoor section of the food court so we could sit at a table, then we walked around to see the sheep, pigs, chickens, horses, and cows before walking through the 18th century fair, where we smelled handmade soaps, admired woven goods, pewter kitchen items, and iron snake hooks, watched a sword swallowing demonstration, and listened to the Itinerant Band and various other wandering minstrels. The parking lot was very crowded but since the grounds are so spread out, they really were not, and we managed to avoid being too close to the cannons during the artillery demonstrations when the ground shook -- the sheep were just as loud when they wanted to be fed. Like an idiot I forgot my camera, so these were all taken with my phone, I'm afraid:

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We came home in the late afternoon so Adam could finish his homework (Daniel was still not feeling great, but my parents brought him homemade chicken soup so he should recover quickly), listening to the end of the Redskins game which Washington pulled out at the end against Arizona, though the Ravens lost to the Titans. In the evening we watched the Emmys, which I thought started slowly despite Jane Lynch's best efforts -- you'd think TV writers could come up with funnier TV material for her and those poor presenters! -- but picked up when the awards began, helped by the fact that there are a lot fewer big show numbers than at the Oscars. My favorite Lynch line all night was one which barely got a laugh, only nervous titters -- Collapse )