September 20th, 2011

get critical

Poem for Tuesday and Hillwood Collections

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Monday was mostly a chore day, which was just as well because I ate something during my weekend of eating too much that had me feeling less than wonderful. It was, at least, a beautiful afternoon just like the weekend, cool and overcast, starting to smell like autumn; when I was walking on the trail through the woods, two deer and their fawns were lying about ten feet in on the leaves that fell last week during the storms, looking a bit curious but not particularly nervous even when someone came by from the other direction with a dog on a leash. My major activity apart from writing was taking Adam to the dermatologist, who gave his feet a clean bill of health. We managed to avoid the traffic on 270 from the accident that made rush our horrible, so that was good, too.

Adam is now getting a cold as well as Daniel, and was tired and grumpy because he left a project at school (which was locked when we stopped by to pick it up after the doctor), so we had a quiet evening: corn dogs, which we tried not to eat like Perry and Bachmann, then Warehouse 13, which did not have Kate Mulgrew this week and did have zombies and Pete/Myka flirtation and was quite enjoyable. I have no self-respect when it comes to William Shatner, so I actually put on the Charlie Sheen roast to see him; it was more dreadful than the Emmy Awards except for Shatner giving Sheen advice about being smart with his money, not paying for hookers, selling a kidney stone to raise money for Habitat for Humanity, "Who's the warlock now, bitch?" (And fine, I admit I laughed when Seth McFarlane said that Shatner was "the guy who played Captain Kirk back before Star Trek looked like a bunch of guys working in a Mac store.")

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