September 25th, 2011


Poem for Sunday and Great Falls, Virginia

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Saturday dawned as a rather rainy day, but it had stopped after lunch and turned into a lovely, cool afternoon. We had promised to take Daniel to get Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked for his new Nintendo 3DS and the nearest store that had it was in Tysons Corner, so we went over there to pick it up, then we went to Great Falls, Virginia to see how much the Potomac River had gone down since the two hurricanes. It was still pretty high and there was water collected in the ruins of the Patowmack Canal, but there was a heron fishing in the river off the rocks and plenty of insects, even the inevitable stinkbugs.

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My parents came over for dinner since Paul had promised to make Swedish meatballs and a cookie cake for Daniel's birthday (which is actually Monday, but we can't celebrate with him then). We watched Doctor Who, which I really liked this week with the exception of the fact that of course they did a great job with the characters when they only had women very much in the background. (What a surprise, everything everyone predicted about River in the first episode of the season turned out to be true.) dementordelta came over and brought King George VI: The Man Behind The King's Speech which we are watching now. Sunday we are going to the Pennsylvania Renfaire, whooo!