September 26th, 2011


Placeholder for Monday

Spent a glorious day at the Pennsylvania Renfaire with my family and dementordelta. It drizzled in the morning driving up but we had perfect weather all day once we arrived -- 70s, not too sunny, not too crowded. We saw all three Don Juan & Miguel shows, the tournament joust (at which I got to give a favor to Sir Thomas), the royal falconer's show, the Boarshead Brawl, plus a bit of Tartanic and the Human Chess Game, lots of on-street musical performances, and bagpipes everywhere since it was Scottish Weekend. Delta and I sampled several of Mount Hope's excellent sweet wines and I had cheese panini, chocolate covered pretzels and way too many snacks. I am too tired to type any more so here is a photo of Sir Thomas and Sir Marcus's herald and one of the nobles overseeing the joust: