September 27th, 2011

get critical

Poem for Tuesday and Penn Renfaire

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I had a quiet Monday, partly because I was typing up notes and writing and working on my LiveJournal backup project before LiveJournal went down for an hour in the afternoon, partly because I had laundry and thrilling chores like that to do, and partly because I have an eye infection that is really bothering me. Daniel had a more exciting day -- not only is it his eighteenth birthday, meaning he can now register to vote and have a Google+ account, but his chemistry class was canceled because of a chemical explosion in the building that injured two students. Adam had track practice at Cabin John Park, which was the furthest I ventured from home today when I went to pick him up.

In the evening we watched the first episode of Terra Nova, which looked great but if we'd been playing a drinking game where we took a sip every time a completely predictable cliche occurred, we'd have been drunk halfway through and unconscious before the end. Despite an ostensibly progressive theme (don't pollute the planet or we'll have to move into the past when the air was still breathable) it has some deeply conservative values and the women's roles aren't terribly impressive though to be fair the men's roles aren't either. Perhaps it will improve. Here are some more photos from the Pennsylvania Renfaire:

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