September 28th, 2011

green little review

Poem for Wednesday and Don Juan & Miguel

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My eyelid is still infected and driving me crazy. This has been the background annoyance of my entire day -- sometimes itching, sometimes pain, sometimes just an annoying swelling, and the treatment is just compresses and waiting it out unless it's still like this in a week -- so I am very cranky. In happier news, I drove Adam and four friends to a track meet and their school did very well and son was happy with his time. Plus I have backed up my LiveJournal through August 2004.

Evening TV included Glee, which I enjoyed because of Kurt and Shelby singing (I rather like the Barbra Streisand version of "Somewhere" which is the arrangement she and Rachel used) and I'm glad they're making some attempt to write Quinn as a real girl instead of a Barbie doll but yet again it's all about the able-bodied white kids with token references to nontraditional casting. Then we watched Ringer, which is holding my interest but I wish Ioan Gruffudd was allowed to show more than two emotions. Then we saw the exciting game of the Orioles-Red Sox game, where I rooted for the Orioles to play spoiler since the Yankees have clinched, bah.

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