October 1st, 2011

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Poem for Saturday and Prairie Dogs

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Friday was quiet. I had a bunch of work to do and a bunch of mail to answer -- weird how a single night with no electricity/internet can put me way behind. The weather was gorgeous, low 60s and overcast most of the day though we had some afternoon sun while I was outside. My eye is STILL bugging me and still gross, which at this point is extremely annoying -- it's been a week!

We had dinner with my parents, watched this week's Telefon episode of Nikita which I enjoyed despite the predictability and "Dagger of the Mind" factors, then thought we were putting on the first episode of the new season of Boardwalk Empire but it ended up being the last episode of the last season, so we have to catch up tomorrow. (Could someone spoil me please if Jimmy did anything terrible to Angela? She's not in any of the ads.)

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Here are the prairie dogs at the Maryland Zoo. Apparently whatever was growing outside their pen was more exciting than what they were fed, because although a couple of them were eating their zoo rations, several of them were climbing the fence to eat whatever was outside it:

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