October 7th, 2011

green little review

Poem for Friday and Renfaire Market

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I will keep this short so as not to whine about my eye or LiveJournal's ongoing temper tantrums. It was not a bad day other than those frustrations; I did some work, called the high school attendance office to find out why we got both e-mail and a phone call telling us that Adam missed classes yesterday when he was in school all day -- turned out it was a glitch from the cross country meet the day before, when the team was excused for the afternoon to go to the meet -- and went out to get shampoo and other exciting necessities.

Then I went to meet gblvr for a delayed dinner at the mall, where we checked out the new Brighton breast cancer bracelet (but didn't buy it because I am practicing fiscal restraint) and used our Bath & Body Works coupons for free stuff before coming back to my house, because I had won an enormous Bath & Body Works Eiffel Tower in a Twitter giveaway, which I expected to be about a foot high but turned out to be about five feet high, so I donated it to her new home. Here are the photos from the Maryland Renfaire market that I couldn't post last night:

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