October 11th, 2011


Poem for Tuesday and Scott's Run

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I had a fairly nice Monday considering that it was mostly taken up with chores. I had to go to Ulta again, since brilliant me bought two bottles of conditioner last week and no shampoo, leaving me using pilfered hotel minis over the weekend. There was a sidewalk sale going on in the shopping center surrounding Ulta, so I did a bit of walking around, as the weather was gorgeous and unseasonably warm. Then I had to stop at the mall to buy a gift, and I discovered that Claire's has new revolving earring holders that are the perfect size for my dresser. So I spent pretty much the whole afternoon taking my earrings off my very pretty but less accessible Eiffel Tower earring holder and arranging them on the new one. The cats were fascinated by this activity -- hoping, I think, that I would go to the bathroom and leave the earrings within reach of batting paws -- but eventually they got too hungry to care and demanded that I go downstairs to feed them.

In the evening I spent an hour working on the Louise Fletcher Appreciation Page since I realized that the filmography was several months out of date and she was working on a horror movie with Brian Cox, Cloris Leachman, and Louis Gossett Jr. about a haunted nursing home (think whoever has sex dies first?). Our evening TV plans were somewhat interrupted by the endless Texas-Detroit playoff game, which delayed Terra Nova for an hour, then we watched the second half of the Bears-Lions game. We were going to watch a PBS show on the War of 1812 but I guess we'll be recording that tomorrow afternoon. Scott's Run on Saturday:

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