October 13th, 2011


Poem for Thursday and Art of Fire

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It rained all day Wednesday and stayed very dark outside, which made it hard to wake up in the morning and left me with a vague headache that didn't go away till evening when I broke down and took meds for it. I am not entirely sure what happened to the hours between 8 a.m. and noon; I know I did chores and stuff. My mother called in the afternoon to ask if I wanted to meet her at the mall, which I did, though we mostly just walked around and didn't buy anything. It was raining too hard to walk outside -- Adam (who had the practice PSAT today) went to track and was freezing once they stopped the hard runs after school.

Evening TV included Harry's Law, which was a fairly good episode about cyber-bullying (very David E. Kelley, insisting it's not fair to punish a 17-year-old with a negligent homicide charge for reiterating messages that are rampant in our culture) and both baseball games. I guess there is little point in hoping Detroit will come back, and I don't care so much who wins the Cardinals series! Here are some photos from Art of Fire from the weekend, including one of their cats whom I pet every year and get my hand bitten for my trouble:

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