October 14th, 2011

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Poem for Friday and Dancing Leaf Sheep

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It rained again for most of Thursday, quite hard at times and there was a tornado warning in the evening (more serious over in College Park where Daniel is in school -- they sent out two alerts -- but apparently the storm passed them without incident). I spent most of the morning indoors, doing work and backing up my journal, where I am now less than a year from when I started it and it is getting surreal...in fact there is the same sort of hysteria going on in SPN fandom now as there was in LOTR at the time I was archiving. And I realized that the same insanity goes on and on, what else is new! I am happy at least that Ringer got picked up for the season.

I had a very nice evening with gblvr, whom I met for our usual Indian food in the mall, then walked around and looked at fall clothes and behaved ourselves in jewelry stores. There is a Halloween Express place now, which has a decent number of plus-size and non-franchise costumes but has most of the bad stereotypes (Indian chief, Mexican, naughty nun, etc.) and not enough light-up spiders and bats. Then I got to watch the DS9 pilot, which I have not seen in more than 15 years -- it was enormously enjoyable! I am glad Detroit won, but I must confess that the baseball playoffs are not really holding my interest. Here are some more photos from Dancing Leaf Farm, including the Stink Bug Invasion:

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