October 15th, 2011


Poem for Saturday and A Paca Fun

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It poured again all morning on Friday, so I stayed in and finished my review of Deep Space Nine's "Emissary" hoping that we wouldn't lose power if it started thundering again. I haven't watched the pilot in a decade and a half, and was expecting that, like "Encounter at Farpoint," I wasn't going to find it vastly better, but I enjoyed every moment of it and I am so happy to have an excuse to watch the entire series again from the top! Thankfully, the power stayed on, and by the time the sun came out, I'd saved all my journal entries back through July 2003. It's almost my anniversary on LiveJournal -- late October 2002 -- so I have less than a year left, though it's been surreal reading entries from so long ago with stories about my kids and friends that I'd forgotten.

It's Adam's school's Homecoming weekend, and though he'd thought he might skip the football game given the early weather, he ended up deciding to go at the last minute. So we had dinner with my parents without any kids for the first time in I don't know how long! Sadly, adult conversation is not much fun these days (terrible economy, horrible potential Republican nominees, baseball playoffs in which we have no great personal investment) but there were chocolate eclairs for dessert. We watched Nikita, which had even more kick-ass women than usual, and Sanctuary, which meandered too much for me to guess where this season is going, and the high school won the Homecoming game with a field goal in the final few seconds! Here are some photos from A Paca Fun Farm:

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