October 17th, 2011


Poem for Monday and Frederick Farm Festival

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Sunday's weather was as glorious as Saturday's, meaning that Frederick's Family Festival @ the Farm took place on the perfect weekend. After Adam was done working at Hebrew school, we picked up him and my mother and went to five farms. The first was one we'd never visited before, Flying Goat Farm, which raises angora goats and many happy free-range chickens. Then we went to Whispering Meadows, which primarily raises alpacas, though there are also cows, angora rabbits, and currently some adorable kittens. Then we went to a place that's new to the tour, Catoctin Creek Farm, which raises sheep with award-winning wool, followed by South Mountain Creamery, which is always very crowded on festival days and has other local vendors like some of the Boonsboro Days folk. We ended up at Jumbo's Pumpkin Patch, which was also pretty crowded, so after seeing the animals and some of the crafts, we decided we'd get our Halloween pumpkins closer to home.

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We listened to the Redskins' dismal outing against the Eagles on the radio while driving around, and watched most of the Ravens-Texans game when we got home. Adam was summoned by his friends for pizza and My Little Pony for a few hours so Paul and I had dinner and watched the first episode of Case Histories by ourselves. Mysteries aren't really my thing, even well-written, restrained British mysteries where gory recreations of crimes aren't the emphasis, though Jason Isaacs is wonderful in it, as is the guest cast (Fenella Woolgar, Phil Davis); I just always find them depressing and don't quite believe that people crack open and incriminate themselves so easily to a kindly P.I.