October 21st, 2011


Poem for Friday and Meadowside Nature Center

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The biggest excitement of my Thursday was picking up Adam from school to take him to a dentist appointment, though really that was quite nice since the trees are in a gorgeous state -- still plenty of green, so they aren't starting to look bare yet, but lots of red-orange-gold leaves mixed in. The reason it was exciting is that I had forgotten to remind Adam that he had a dentist appointment, so I had to call the school to tell them that I was picking him up during his last class period (which he could have finished but I was afraid they wouldn't then grab him before cross country practice and I'd have had to drive around looking for the runners). When I called, the school had just had a fire drill, so no one was answering the phones for 20 minutes and they were in a state of chaos when they finally picked up. Apparently his English teacher made students give speeches rehearsed for class outside with hundreds of other students standing around waiting for permission to go back in the building.

In other news, I have finished Stage One of my LiveJournal backup project -- I now have every single entry I ever made saved and backed up to my external drive with the photos embedded (none of the backup programs like ljArchive -- which is not working at present anyway due to some code glitch -- actually import the photos, just the URLs of the photos, so if Scrapbook were to disappear, so would all of those images from every entry where they're catalogued and captioned). Next I have to figure out how much junk got downloaded with the entries so I can get rid of all those little files and just keep the text and photos. I watched DS9's "Past Prologue" to review -- I love Kira so, so much, and I'm right that Odo was in love with her from the very beginning -- and the World Series.

I have nothing profound to say about Qaddafi, since I feel much as I did when Bin Laden was killed; yes, his power may have been diminished and his death may not change anything, but I just don't have it in me to mourn for him, and the "any death diminishes me" memes on Facebook feel insulting to me -- can't those people mourn instead for the 18 Bengal tigers shot in Ohio after that lunatic freed them from his farm, since Bengal tigers are nearly as extinct as the Jews and Berbers of Libya? On a happier note, here are some photos of the leaves changing and falling at Meadowside Nature Center last weekend:

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