October 24th, 2011


Poem for Monday and Huntley Meadows

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Sunday was just as gorgeous and a bit warmer than Saturday -- instead of being overcast, we had sun for most of the afternoon -- so after Adam was finished at Hebrew school and had had lunch with my parents, we went to Huntley Meadows Park in Virginia. The water levels were very high, though how much of that is because it's been a wet autumn and how much is because the beavers have clearly been busy building new dams, I couldn't say. We did not see any beavers but we did see their big new lodge and several half-gnawed trees, plus some muddy footprints. We also saw a heron, a frog, many turtles, many tadpoles, and assorted songbirds and insects.

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Daniel was busy participating in Chaos, a fencing tournament for DC and Baltimore-area colleges. He is really enjoying fencing though he thinks he is going to switch from foil to sabre. Adam went to see friends when we got home and the Redskins had already lost, so after dinner we watched Once Upon a Time, which was enjoyable but already a bit cutesy and I have no idea how I'll feel about it a couple of episodes in (I don't like the fact that the woman with all the brains is also apparently the evil villain), then Case Histories, which is simply superb despite a body count much higher than I'd prefer -- not just Jason Isaacs but the entire supporting cast. Given the lopsided score of the New Orleans game, I am glad we didn't spend all night watching that!