October 25th, 2011

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Poem for Tuesday, UMCP, Farewell Sarah Jane

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I did not have the best of Mondays. I got two pieces of potential bad news, neither of which I am at liberty to discuss because they primarily affect other people, and I got a rather hilarious piece of propaganda in the mail from someone I used to know very well, containing information that reminded me how many true dorks rise to the top. Here are some more photos of the University of Maryland from Family Weekend on Saturday, since that was a lovely day and Daniel is apparently enjoying fencing even more now that he's doing sabre rather than foil.

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Evening TV was excellent but depressing too -- we watched the final season of The Sarah Jane Adventures in one gulp, being unable to sit through another full night of baseball or football (of course, as I type this, the Ravens are still playing and the World Series is still going). I know most people in the U.S. haven't seen them yet so I will just say that the Clyde episode is surprisingly moving and the "Steve Jobs' Real Secret" final episode, which should be quite funny, is just doubly painful with both Jobs and Elisabeth Sladen gone. She looks radiant in all the episodes and the stories remind me of how original Star Trek made me feel -- utter optimism about human nature and the universe. I will miss that show so much.