October 26th, 2011

green little review

Poem for Wednesday, Christmas Carol, Homestead Farm

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I don't have much to report. Late morning, after reading newspaper and various computer chores, was spent folding laundry while watching Disney's A Christmas Carol -- the one in which Jim Carrey does half the voices -- because it was On Demand and therefore readily available. I don't like even excellent versions of A Christmas Carol (Patrick Stewart's, Bill Murray's, etc.) so I may as well simply admit that I watched this one to see Animated Colin Firth and Animated Colin Firth was pretty much what I liked about it, apart from Animated St. Paul's, Animated Big Ben (in a very clean period Animated London), etc.

Adam is taking tennis lessons again now that the cross country season is over, so I spent a lovely hour walking in the woods at Cabin John Park while he was playing. I am bummed that the class is at 5 p.m. meaning that after the clocks go back it will be too dark to walk in the woods during his lesson. Public television was rerunning the first part of Britain's Royal Weddings, so we watched that, then we were going to watch last night's Boardwalk Empire but that isn't on the On Demand schedule yet. Here are some photos from Homestead Farm last weekend:

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