November 1st, 2011


Poem for Tuesday and Halloween

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Halloween was a beautiful, sunny, cool day in the DC area. Adam had no school because of teacher meetings and Paul had the day off for an early doctor appointment. We had lunch in College Park with Daniel, who is thinking about dropping out of College Park Scholars so he can do a dual degree in mechanical engineering and computer science; one's an engineering degree and one's an applied science degree, so there's not a lot of crossover coursework, and it would be very hard for him to do a Scholars project while taking so many classes. We had Sbarro in the student union and discussed it with him since he needs to meet with his adviser tomorrow.

In the afternoon we all worked on our pumpkin, carving and toasting seeds. Then Adam went to his girlfriend's house with a bunch of other friends while Paul and I went to the neighborhood Halloween party, which was organized by the mother of one of Adam's friends. Trick or treaters usually start arriving soon after that breaks up, so we had a quick dinner and lit our candles. We had far fewer visitors this year than last, when we went through eight bags of candy, though still enough to aggravate the cats, particularly when one of son's friends arrived with her dog! We watched Terra Nova when we weren't opening the door, but I feel like I missed half of it.

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