November 7th, 2011


Poem for Monday and Longwood Gardens

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I went looking for a poem about chrysanthemums and though this one only barely mentions them, it makes me think of Once Upon a Time and wicked stepmothers. I was thinking about chrysanthemums because Paul, dementordelta, and I spent the day in the Brandywine Valley while my kids spent most of the day with my parents (Adam went with my mother to work at Hebrew school in the morning, then came home in the afternoon to do homework; Daniel slept in and finished his laundry in the morning, then had lunch and hung out with my parents till they drove him back to College Park).

It was an utterly gorgeous day, so sunny that a lot of my photos are too bright to be usable given that I forgot my filters. We went to the Brandywine River Museum in the morning while it was still free for Pirate Adventure Day, but the parking lot was overflowing and they were turning people away. So we went to Longwood, saw the chrysanthemum display in the conservatory, walked around the autumn woods and treehouses, had lunch in the restaurant there. Then we went back to the Brandywine River Museum, where the pirate activities were over but the exhibits on Howard Pyle and on N.C. Wyeth's Treasure Island illustrations -- both of which include many pirates -- were still open.

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We had a pretty ride home seeing the newly early sunset until we hit Beltway traffic, which put an unnecessary half an hour on our trip. Then we went to California Tortilla for dinner, sent Delta on her way, watched Once Upon a Time which I'm still finding uneven but liking better than Grimm, and we're now watching the quite engaging Ravens-Steelers game -- fortunately we didn't see a single moment of the Redskins game, though if the Bears beat the Eagles tomorrow night, that will be good enough for me. Apparently our neighbors broke our porch lamp while trimming a tree; will worry about that in daylight when we can see what's wrong with it.