November 16th, 2011

get critical

Poem for Wednesday, The Hours, Red Leaves

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A miracle occurred on Tuesday at about 10:45 a.m.! I arrived at the Motor Vehicle Administration, took a number, and before I could even pull out my book, my number was called! Immediately! I went to the window, expecting to be told that this was only the waiting room for space in the real waiting room, but the woman behind the counter took my photo and my eye test and had me sign a couple of things! In less than ten minutes, I was out of there with my new driver's license, good till the end of 2016!

It was drizzling by the time I got home, but since it was not even 11:30 yet and I'd been anticipating being an hour longer, I have no complaints. My laundry-folding movie for the day was The Hours, which I'd never seen before; I never read the book, and while I mostly love Virginia Woolf, I mostly don't love Nicole Kidman, so that had been a deterrent. And while I didn't particularly love Kidman's performance, which seemed constrained by her makeup -- a prosthetic nose does not a characterization make -- that wasn't what I really disliked about The Hours. Collapse )

Adam brought his girlfriend home to do homework before tennis, where unfortunately I can no longer walk in the woods because it's dark now that the clocks have gone back. My greatest entertainment of the day was seeing Colin Firth naked in a bathtub courtesy sfaith. Glee was on but I only really paid attention when Idina Menzel was singing and when Santana was onscreen; Ringer was much more entertaining but is so convoluted at this point that they better start unraveling their plots ASAP. I am running behind tonight so have some autumn leaves from Calvert County: