November 20th, 2011


Poem for Sunday and Quiet Saturday

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Paul had a big computer upgrade that he had to oversee for work on Saturday, so we had a pretty quiet day. Adam went with his friends to the vegan Thanksgiving at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, driven by one of their parents, so I spent a lazy morning reading Isherwood's A Single Man which I've had lying in my pile for nearly a year. In the afternoon, we went to Cabin John Park to walk around by the creek and enjoy a very pretty fall afternoon along with many hysterical squirrels trying to track down every acorn before it gets any colder (we have some of those on our deck, too, only they're trying to steal our birdseed).

We had breakfast food for dinner (French toast, eggs, fake bacon) and watched The Voyage of the Dawn Treader since it was on HBO while I was uploading a couple of thousand songs to Google Music, which is my new favorite electronic toy (yes, I know about all the evils of Google but free cloud storage for 20,000 songs on a service that my phone works with already is a very nice thing). Earlier we had the Maryland-Wake Forest game on, but I think we should simply declare the Terps' season over -- I would also be happier if there hadn't been another armed robbery in College Park. Yet again I have no new photos, so here is one of the Ikebana in autumn colors from Longwood Gardens: