November 24th, 2011


Poem for Thanksgiving, IONA, Blackadder

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Paul worked from home the day before Thanksgiving so that we could go pick up Daniel -- and both his computers -- from College Park in the early afternoon. The traffic was surprisingly cooperative, slow in spots but not horrible. Daniel wanted to stop at Microcenter to get a new graphics card for his computer, so we did that, since Adam had gone to his girlfriend's house after his half-day of school. The cats are very happy that Daniel is home despite all the boxes in his room!

We had ravioli for dinner and watched several episodes of Blackadder, mostly the second series, though we also watched the Christmas special (which we'd seen before) and Back & Forth so we could see Colin Firth as Shakespeare (getting punched in the name of schoolchildren everywhere, hahaha). Below are a few more photos of IONA playing at the Old Brogue last Sunday evening, including Kathleen Larrick dancing. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, fellow American celebrants!

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