November 28th, 2011


Poem for Monday and Great Falls

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Adam got up early to go to church with his girlfriend and Daniel slept nearly till noon, so Paul and I spent the morning reading and going over some work on the computer. After lunch we took both kids to Great Falls, which had a lot of people because of the gorgeous weather -- hit 70 degrees for the second day in a row, and the Potomac River was gloriously high -- but we had the steep rocky path mostly to ourselves once we got off the Olmsted Island bridges and we saw the most vultures I have ever seen in one place in my life circling over the river.

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My parents joined us for dinner -- at Daniel's request, we brought in pizza -- then Adam's friend joined us to drive Daniel back to school and help carry his computer and clothes up four flights of stairs. We missed Once Upon a Time, but I watched A Thousand Acres which I hadn't seen since the film was made. King Lear is not my favorite play, but I am not terribly fond of this retelling, and in my defense I would like to announce that I did not know who Colin Firth was when the film was new -- I watched it for Michelle Pfeiffer and Jessica Lange -- the acting is great, but it's a pretty grim movie.