December 1st, 2011

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Poem for Thursday and Potomac River

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I did not get a huge amount accomplished on Wednesday but I did get to see lots of people. vertigo66 and I had longstanding plans to have lunch, so after a somewhat rushed morning I met her at the Corner Bakery where I had their excellent tomato soup in a bread bowl and we discussed our families, our fandoms, and trips we'd take if someone would only give us many thousands of dollars. Then I stopped in Target to get Cold-eze for various family members and ended up getting us an early Chanukah present -- a Sony 3D Blu-Ray player with wireless and USB, on sale for $3 more than I had seen it online which was a small price to pay for knowing that I can bring it back locally if we can't make it work with our TV/stereo for some reason.

I came home and took a walk, thinking I would see Adam before I went out to dinner with gblvr who to my delight was in the area, but it turned out that Adam was staying at school for a rehearsal and eating dinner there, so I took apaulled with me out to dinner with gblvr, wolfshark, and the latter's husband, where we compared notes on crazy fans and our even crazier cats. I had to pick Adam up at school after we left, then came home and we watched Harry's Law which included diatribes against thieving bank execs and high school football programs (both of which I agreed with in principle but I don't think it's any coincidence that none of the people on the show victimized by same got very far). From Great Falls on Sunday:

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Happy December!