December 13th, 2011

green little review

Poem for Tuesday and Richmond in Winter

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Monday was my catch-up day, except that I spent a lot of it hanging out at the mall with Paul (and, as it transpired, Adam's girlfriend, whom we ran into at the coffee shop) while waiting for our van's tire to be repaired, and I spent two hours figuring out how to hack my Kindle Fire to run Google Books and Google Music without having to root it and lose access to the Amazon cloud (score: Me 2, Kindle 0, am hoping that does not change after the upcoming software update). We found out today that Adam came in third in the Washington School of Photography high school photo contest, which is great news considering that he's only a sophomore. He went to see his girlfriend after tech at school and I finally met her father, having met her grandmother with her in the mall.

Since Adam was out for dinner, we had pizza, then he came home and had some of it too and we all watched Terra Nova which is probably about to get canceled now that it's really interesting. We watched Merlin's "A Servant of Two Masters" -- yes, we are very behind -- while I tried to catch up on birthday correspondence and posts (please please tell me if I managed to miss one). And now we are watching Colbert, who just said, "Newt Gingrich says he's against gay marriage. That explains why it's the only type of marriage he hasn't tried," which does not top Stewart interviewing Ben Franklin about Christmas and saying of the latest Republican debate, "This is awesome! A Mormon gambling with an evangelical over who's the bigger liar!" Here are some photos from my fabulous Sunday in Richmond:

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