December 22nd, 2011

green little review

Poem for Thursday and Maryland Zoo

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Daniel slept till nearly noon, went out to lunch with my father, and spent the rest of the day playing Skyrim and watching TV with me. Adam went home with his girlfriend after school, did not answer texts about where he was, and got my mother to pick him up because he knew he'd be in trouble if he called me that late in the day to ask for a ride. In other words, both my kids and parents apparently had good days (a better day than LiveJournal's idiot designers, at least, who deserve every word of the fury over their unwanted site changes they're getting).

I watched a DS9 episode ("Vortex") that I need to review, read half of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy which I am glad I didn't read before I saw the movie because le Carré is vastly better even than the miniseries -- don't get me wrong, I loved the film, but the book is really excellent, I had no idea -- then watched the Terra Nova season (and possibly series) finale, which was also very entertaining, as both the writing and the acting have improved a great deal and the dinos are always awesome. Paul got me The Cat's Eye Tarot for Chanukah. And that's all that's worth reporting from here. Maryland Zoo animals last weekend:

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