December 24th, 2011


Poem for Saturday, 'Vortex' and Flowers

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Paul worked from home on Friday, so I had most of my family home for most of the day which was nice. We went out to do a bit of last-minute holiday shopping and managed to encounter little traffic, relatively small lines, even a parking spot with money still on the meter. The rest of my afternoon was spent writing a review of Deep Space Nine's "Vortex", which isn't bad but is actually the least interesting of the DS9 episodes I've watched in the past several days thanks to Daniel who is making me enormously happy by wanting to see the high points of the series.

Adam arrived home with his girlfriend after school, and various other friends of his stopped by to pick her up for dinner, so it was quite loud for a little while. We went to my parents for dinner and Chanukah celebrating -- chicken (well, fake chicken for me) tonight plus latkes and kugel and dessert. Then we came home and watched the DS9 season two opening trilogy -- ironically, I watched it out of order originally because I gave birth to Daniel about an hour before "The Homecoming" aired in 1993 -- and "Necessary Evil." I was not misremembering how extraordinarily good the show was. I still miss it. More photos from the Baltimore Conservatory:

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