December 30th, 2011

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Poem for Friday, Winterthur and Longwood

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My family spent Thursday in the Brandywine Valley as we have for the past couple of years enjoying the gorgeous landscapes and winter exhibits. We started at Winterthur, which is having its annual Yuletide celebration with exhibits in the library and museum and with the mansion decorated for the holidays -- several Christmas trees reflecting the gardens in various seasons and rooms with the greenery, decorations, and representative foods of both the DuPont family and the American eras represented by the furniture they collected. We had lunch in the visitor center, which has a very good salad bar, and walked all around the grounds, including the chilly and relatively empty Enchanted Woods.

Then we drove to Longwood Gardens in falling snow, though little of it stuck (none on the roads and just enough on the grass to create the impression of a white Christmas, which was lovely). The conservatory is full of poinsettias, lilies, and a variety of Christmas trees including some made of gingerbread men and one in the herb garden made entirely of parsley. The grounds have dozens of lit trees and holiday lights in the treehouses, plus the train display decorated for the holidays. We had dinner in the very crowded but also nicely decorated cafe there since we love their vegetarian chili and baked mac and cheese, then drove home in light snow turning to drizzle. It is late so here are just a few photos of Winterthur and Longwood decorated for the season:

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