January 3rd, 2012


Poem for Tuesday and Spectacled Bears

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Adam had homework to finish on the last day of spring break (and his girlfriend needed help with a project that took four hours) so we had a quiet holiday Monday. There were a few snow flurries and a great many football games, of which the only one that held my interest for any length of time was the Rose Bowl, which Wisconsin sadly did not win, though I am informed that my Oregon relatives are pleased. I was working on a silly new year project which I half-finished, which was more than I was expecting.

We had hoppin' john for dinner since The Washington Post says that it's lucky to eat for the new year. In the evening after a PBS special on Buckingham Palace that didn't show George VI once during the section on the WWII bombings, older son wanted to watch Robot Chicken -- we got the last season on DVD for Chanukah -- and though it was as usual way too violent, fairly misogynistic and occasionally just plain sick, I cannot stop laughing about the fake trailer for Night at the Museum 3: The Holocaust Museum so I guess I am going to hell.

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