January 4th, 2012


Poem for Wednesday and A Sunset

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The first day post-holidays was pretty quiet around here and I have a splitting headache -- combination of weather front, too much sodium over the past couple of days, and both kids having stayed up past 2 a.m. (one to finish homework, the other just because he could and then sleep till noon) and turning lights on and off in the hallway. So this will not be an inspired entry. I did some writing, worked on the silly Tarot project that I started the other day, and ran out to the mall to get to Bath & Body Works' sale ($1.50 mini candles in glass holders). Those were my big accomplishments.

We watched a bit of the Sugar Bowl but mostly we watched two episodes of Egypt's Golden Empire on PBS (in which the rulers treated their people even worse than college football players treat their opponents, but they did build impressive cities and even more impressive tombs -- plus Hatshepsut and Nefertiti had a lot more power than any two women I can name associated with college football. I have loads of zoo, botanic garden, Longwood, Winterthur, and Brookside photos to crop but my brain is not working right tonight so here is a sunset crossing the Potomac last week: