January 6th, 2012

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Poem for Friday and Winterthur Needlework

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I had a lovely belated birthday lunch with vertigo66 on Thursday at Tara Thai -- we were both pretty busy through December -- and afterward I did some shopping, bringing my new colorful bag that she gave me to Charming Charlie's post-holiday sale (with $5 paua shell necklaces and $7 necklaces with ceramic owls) and to Target (with less exciting shopping like laundry detergent). Did I mention that as of 2012, my state has instituted a five-cent tax on disposable bags not only for grocery stores and pharmacies but everywhere, so while I am used to bringing bags with me into the food store, I am totally unaccustomed to remembering them at clothing stores? I am completely in favor of the tax but I need to make myself remember the bags at places like Charming Charlie!

I believe the Silly Tarot Project is pretty much finished and now I need to decide how to present it -- it's electronic like my Barbie Tarot, not a physical deck like my Star Trek Tarot. Daniel had belatedly gone to lunch with my mother because he didn't get out of bed till well after noon, and Adam stayed after school for tech, so it was just me and the cats for a while before Paul and everyone showed up by dinnertime. We watched the 2007 telefilm of A Room With a View, which was disappointing in every way -- cast can't compare with the 1985 movie, sets not as intricate, and worst of all a terrible framing story stuck on to tell us what happened to Lucy and George after the Great War, which violates both the letter and spirit of the novel.

Here are some photos for ethelking in particular of the Winterthur exhibit With Cunning Needle, exploring the history of embroidery in the New World and including the Plimoth Jacket (here shown with its reproduction cap and a linen jacket marked with the pattern for embroidery.

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