January 12th, 2012

green little review

Poem for Thursday and Baltimore Basilica

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I did work and chores on Wednesday morning while Daniel slept late, again, before going out to lunch with my father. Then I spent several hours of the afternoon working on yet another Silly Tarot Project -- this one entirely the fault of dementordelta, for which I thank her heartily -- before Daniel got home (after losing many rounds of poker to my father, apparently) and later Adam. While I folded laundry, we watched two episodes of Deep Space Nine including the Bond parody "Our Man Bashir" which was a big hit.

Paul made sweet potato and chick pea shepherd's pie for dinner, which was delicious, then we watched Harry's Law, which had hyped Erica Durance as a woman who thinks she's Wonder Woman, which sounded like David E. Kelley was planning cracky hilarity. In fact it was a very gritty storyline about spousal abuse and Durance was terrific, though the very end of that storyline was lame...and the other case, about a woman trying to gain custody of a gorilla to keep it from being imprisoned in a zoo, was quite moving too. Here are some more photos of the Baltimore Basilica decorated for Epiphany:

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