January 21st, 2012


Poem for Saturday and Masonic Washington

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I had both kids home on Friday as well as Adam's girlfriend visiting most of the day, so it was a pretty quiet day of me trying to look industrious and failing to persuade them to let me take them clothes shopping (they both need clothes for my niece's Bat Mitzvah next month). The weather reports got worse as the day went on -- first a sleet warning, then a slow warning, and now we have about a quarter inch on the ground with threats of snow continuing on and off for most of Saturday -- so I didn't feel like driving anyway. I posted my review of Deep Space Nine's "Progress" and older son kept linking me to news about SOPA, the Supreme Court copyright decision, Microsoft demanding that the state of Washington legalize gay marriage, Gingrich poll numbers, Obama's support for birth control and various other political issues.

Adam and his girlfriend went out to dinner in downtown Rockville and the rest of us ate with my parents, since older son is headed back to college on Sunday (fabulous Greek food from Ambrosia). Then we came home, fed the cats, retrieved Adam, and watched The Life of Mammals: "Plant Predators" on PBS, which had adorable capibaras and dik-diks and pikas and bats and kangaroo mice. Now we are watching the news, which is forecasting too much snow for some of our preferences and not enough for others. Here are some more photos from the George Washington Masonic Memorial:

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