January 23rd, 2012

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Poem for Monday, Football and Flowers

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Sunday was Daniel's last day of winter break and he felt like spending it hanging out and packing rather than going on an expedition and having to rush things later, so we finished off a quiet weekend. Adam had gone to work at Hebrew school and then home with my mother for lunch, so we took Daniel to California Tortilla -- then, since Daniel's laptop bag was ripping, I gave him mine and dragged the rest of the family to the last day of Tiara Galleries' 75% off Vera Bradley sale, where I had valiantly resisted buying the Metropolitan laptop bag during the spring pattern launch and now had an excuse (hey, it was under $25 at 75% off). So now he has a nice sturdy laptop bag (which I got from ngech's place of work a couple of years ago) and I have a pretty one in Buttercup!

We watched most of both thrilling NFL championship games, and though the Ravens-Patriots game did not end the way I wanted, at least it came down to the final 30 seconds (and if the Ravens had to lose, at least they did not lose to Tebow and the Broncos). I rooted for the 49ers but the NFC championship was a very close, very exciting game too, and I'm not sorry the Super Bowl will be a New England-New York rematch. We interrupted the second quarter to watch this week's Downton Abbey, which was okay -- I enjoy the show on a very superficial level, though in a lot of ways I think it's mediocre -- and after the overtime ended we watched a couple of Deep Space Nine episodes since son and I can't do that together again till spring break! Here are some flowers from the conservatory at Longwood Gardens last December:

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