February 1st, 2012


Poem for Wednesday and New Year Festivities

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The last day of January here involved temperatures in the 60s and a gorgeous evening sky. Before that, I met perkypaduan at the mall -- the first time I'd seen her in weeks, she was in the area for a doctor's appointment -- and we did a bit of admiring jewelry and got frozen yogurt. Then we came back to my house, where we made tea and watched the always-awesome St. Trinians while the cats competed for her attention.

Once she had to go, I finished some work, went for a walk in the gorgeous weather, and had an up and down news day: up in a personal sense as Adam found out that he had won several prizes in Scholastic's photography and graphics contests and Daniel got on Dean's List, down in a political sense as the Komen Foundation decided to screw over women who can't afford mammograms as right-wingers on their board decided to deny funding to Planned Parenthood.

Evening TV included Glee's Michael Jackson episode, which was okay musically (any time Quinn gets her own number I am pleased) and mediocre story-wise (every time Lea Michele is required to show belivable emotion I am unimpressed), then Ringer, which I have missed, though it is still pretty ridiculous (apparently I will watch Buffy and Hornblower in anything). Some more Chinese New Year celebration photos from Lakeforest Mall:

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