February 5th, 2012


Greetings from Connecticut

We spent more of the day north of the border than in New York. After breakfast at our hotel, we went to the Norwalk Aquarium, which we used to visit with my in-laws when they lived in Hartford and my kids were very young (we hadn't been there in 10 years). Then we came back to Armonk, got dressed and went to Sabrina's Bat Mitzvah ceremony, which was lovely, at a Conservative synagogue nearby; both my uncles were there as well as my parents and some of their oldest friends.

Then, after a brief detour to Kohl's to get the security tag removed from Daniel's suit which we only discovered that they'd left on when he got dressed, we went to the reception at a country club in Greenwich, which was a lot of fun -- a truly mindboggling amount of food, and I danced with my Uncle Mickey and Adam as well as Paul and lots of people I barely knew. More details when I am more awake; here is Adam with meerkats in Norwalk!