February 12th, 2012

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Poem for Sunday, Snow, Green Lantern

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We had thought about going downtown late Saturday morning, but both apaulled and younger son have colds and there were snow and wind advisories for the afternoon, so we reluctantly decided to skip the chocolate festival at the National Museum of the American Indian and stay closer to home. Younger son went to a friend's house and the rest of us were going to take a walk in a Gaithersburg park, but it started snowing before we got there, so we made quick stops in Bath & Body Works (which was having a tote bag and hand cream giveaway) and Target (where we needed various things) before heading back home. We had talked about going to see The Artist but given the weather and everyone's health, we decided to put that off, so we picked up Green Lantern on Blu-Ray to watch in the evening.

Younger son had plans to go to his school's Sadie Hawkins dance, so we took him and his girlfriend to California Pizza Kitchen beforehand, then her parents shuttled them from the restaurant to the school and we picked them up afterward. We did watch Green Lantern in the evening, which I enjoyed more than I thought I might given my general disinterest in superhero movies -- I think I liked it for exactly the reasons it didn't get great reviews, that it isn't nonstop frenetic action and lots of violence (and the girl actually gets to do stuff). Plus it has Geoffrey Rush and Mark Strong as aliens. Here are a couple of photos of the snow and one of son and his date dressed up for the dance:

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