February 28th, 2012

green little review

Poem for Tuesday and Delaware Art Museum

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I spent an awesome post-Oscars Monday with dementordelta, beginning with Beginners, which we decided while watching the ceremony on Sunday that we should get on Amazon Instant Video, so we did. I have no idea how, say, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close got an Academy Award nod for best picture while Beginners did not; it's superlative on every level, and as good as Christopher Plummer is, I thought Ewan McGregor was just as good and the narrative and direction were really exceptional, quite different from most of what's out there (and while I wish the female characters were more fully developed or at least that we got more details about their backgrounds, the film shows them sympathetically without making them pushovers).

We went out to lunch at Uncle Julio's where I ate fourteen thousand tortilla chips, then we went to Charming Charlie's where Delta's sweater disappeared for a while but we found lovely super-cheap earrings and necklaces. Then we came back to my house, ate chocolate cake that Delta had brought, and watched the first two episodes of Lost Empires, with baby Colin Firth and aging Laurence Olivier. After Delta had to go home, I watched Smash while trying to catch up on two days' worth of e-mail but I am still hopelessly behind -- will try again tomorrow! Here are a few photos from the Delaware Museum of Art on Sunday:

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