March 6th, 2012


Poem for Tuesday and World Travels

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My Monday was interrupted by a call from Adam at school telling me he thought he needed a strep test. He's had colds on and off all winter -- I think he and his girlfriend keep passing the germs back and forth, and he's not getting enough sleep -- but since I know there have been cases of both strep and mono locally and since he keeps stabbing himself with nails and staples while doing tech at school and I wasn't sure his tetanus shot was up to date, I took him to the doctor, which (since it was a same-day appointment) took more than an hour to complete. The quick strep was negative and she doesn't think he has anything serious, which is good news.

I have not much else to report besides politics as usual, laundry as usual, cats on vents as usual, etc. Paul got home late because people from the New York office were in town and they went out for happy hour together, we had veggie burgers for dinner, then we watched an episode of Wild South America and this week's Smash -- I wish there were more women supporting each other instead of back-biting and obsessing over men, but otherwise I really enjoy the show. At midnight, Superpoke Pets will cease to exist, so I spent the evening downloading habitats and though I know I did this to you all last week, I am going to post one final set of my penguin's journeys:

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