March 10th, 2012


Poem for Saturday, 'The Circle,' A Family Day

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I had a nice, relatively quiet family day around finishing and posting a review of "The Circle". Paul worked from home so he could cook and drive mid-afternoon to pick up Daniel in College Park so the latter could be home for my mother's birthday. Adam of course was home already, since strep throat requires a full day for the antibiotics to be effective, and anyway he was pretty droopy and sore when the Advil wore off. I did take a walk (there are bunnies in the neighborhood again!) but otherwise I mostly hung out and did chores with my men.

My parents came over for dinner -- cheese fondue, potatoes, coq au vin for the meat-eaters, tofu au vin for the vegetarians -- and very yummy chocolate mousse cake, made by my husband. We watched the end of the Michigan game (Maryland's playoff hopes having ended earlier in the day, when UNC trounced the men in the quarterfinals of the ACC tournament). After my parents went home, Adam went to bed early to recuperate and Daniel watched the last three episodes of Blackadder with us, plus Blackadder Rides Again. Here are a few photos from our day:

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