March 16th, 2012

green little review

Poem for Friday and Huntley Meadows

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82 degrees and sunny on Thursday in the DC suburbs, which are increasingly yellow (daffodils, forsythia) and pink (dogwood, magnolia, cherry blossoms) and starting to look rather green. I met twistedchick for lunch in Wheaton at Saigonese, at which I first ate in the late 1980s and which still makes excellent tofu with lemon grass. Then we walked around a bit in bookstores. Unfortunately, the aforementioned flowers conspired to give me a pollen headache -- it is time for allergy medicine, I'm afraid.

I took a walk around the neighborhood in the evening when the temperature dropped to see the flowers emerging -- purple azaleas blooming, hot pinks peeking out -- and had ravioli for dinner in honor of the Ides of March. Evening TV consisted of this week's DS9 episode and Awake, which I am really enjoying -- all the acting is good and I like that the episodes stand alone no matter what bigger conspiracy might be at work. A few more photos from Huntley Meadows last weekend:

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