March 17th, 2012


Poem for Saturday and More UMCP Animals

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Daniel is home for a week on spring break! Paul worked from home so that after lunch we could go pick him up. It was cooler than the past several days and drizzling in College Park, but that didn't stop me from walking over to the farm, where the horses were in the front paddock near the sheep and lambs, letting people pet them while they stuck their teeth through the fence to try to eat the grass growing outside it. The sheep had a dilemma, since they didn't want to be out in the rain but they really didn't want to be inside the barn where students were cleaning, so they kept racing back and forth.

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We drove home past hundreds of flowering trees and hung out for a couple of hours before going to my parents' for dinner, which was delayed for a few minutes so we could watch the end of the Missouri-Norfolk State shocker (and yay Lehigh for getting Duke out of there; now I just need someone to knock off UNC). I posted a review of Deep Space Nine's "The Siege", though at this point after the new Nikita we've watched several episodes from the fifth season which is where Daniel and I left off watching after winter break. I love how politically relevant the show seems now, even more so than when it aired. The cats are quite happy to have both boys home and so am I.