March 18th, 2012


Placeholder for Sunday

Quickie because I have been out most of the day since lunchtime. The kids slept late after staying up to play Minecraft, then we all had sandwiches and went to Brookside Gardens, having opted not to try to see the downtown cherry blossoms because the marathon had closed most of the roads and overloaded the Metro. There were at least a dozen sakura trees in bloom though it's more than a week before they were initially predicted to blossom. A group of musicians were playing Asian instruments in one of the gazebos and we saw about 30 turtles ranging from baby sliders to an enormous snapper lurking under the duckweed.

In the evening we went to dinner at Eggspectation in Silver Spring with my parents, where I had awesome crepes benedict and everyone enjoyed their dinner, then we went to see Hexagon, the political satire group, at Montgomery College's Silver Spring campus. A lot of their jokes were dated (and too many were sexist), but that didn't bother me as much as it did my mother and especially Adam; Daniel was quite entertained and I know my father's favorite number was the one about Dan Snyder's mismanagement of the Redskins. Tomorrow my in-laws are coming so I will just post one flower photo, more soon: