March 29th, 2012

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Poem for Thursday and Flying Foxes

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Above, one of my favorite poems, by an irreplaceable thinker and feminist treasure. Rest in peace, Adrienne Rich.

We had thunderstorms forecast for Wednesday, but other than a few minutes of spitting rain, they never materialized. I had a quiet morning of work, writing, catching up on correspondence, then I folded laundry while watching a bit of Highlander because I was in that sort of a mood. I couldn't handle any more Obamacare arguments.

So not a very exciting day, apart from seeing many deer along with the flowers coming up in the woods as well as our neighbors' yards. Adam was talking about Adam West for some reason so we watched the 1966 Batman movie -- by far my favorite Batman movie, though I still love certain episodes of the TV series more.

Here are some photos of flying foxes not from last weekend but from our previous trip to the National Aquarium in February:

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