April 2nd, 2012


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I spent Sunday in the Brandywine Valley with Paul, Adam, and Delta. It was a gorgeous day, a bit overcast in the morning as we drove to Winterthur but already getting warmer by the time we arrived, and we spent our entire time there in the gardens rather than touring the house -- there were geese, squirrels, and frogs on the grounds and koi in the ponds, and though the March bank is mostly faded, the azaleas and redbuds are coming out.

Then we went to Longwood, where we had lunch and went to see the enormous tulip beds, the flowering woods, and all the flowers in the conservatory. Near evening when the gardens were about to close, we drove home and watched Once Upon a Time, then the first episode of Great Expectations, then Edward & Wallis: A Story of Love and Destiny which PBS fortuitously had on afterward. Just a couple of pics:

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