April 4th, 2012


Poem for Wednesday and Maryland Zoo

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For Day Four of spring break -- yet again with gorgeous, low 60-degree weather -- we took Adam and his friend Daniel to the Maryland Zoo. We walked through the wooded path to the main exhibit area, where we went first to the African Journey to see the lions, elephants, leopards, sitatungas, tortoises, rhinos, ostriches, warthogs, penguins, and many other animals there. Then we all shared cheese fries and a pizza and went to the Polar Bear Watch, where we were sorry to find that the snowy owls were off exhibit but there were three polar bears instead of the usual two (we suspect attempts to produce a baby polar bear may be in progress).

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We went to the Rawlings Conservatory, which is next to the zoo, but it turns out that it's closed on Tuesdays, so we looked at the outdoor tulip beds and walked around the trees in the garden before heading home, where we went to vote in the primary election (don't blame me, I didn't gerrymander my district) and had peanut soup for dinner (a requirement any week when we visit Mount Vernon) and watched Ringer in the middle of the women's NCAA tournament (won by Baylor which, if it couldn't be Maryland, is all to the good).